About Us

Brandon Dumas has been building in Amarillo for 15 years and have had many wonderful and unique projects here. Formally known only as Brandon Dumas Construction, LLC, we have now created a homes only division of our company called Silver Lief Homes. Dedicated to delivering the same high quality and unique homes we have been known for, now under the new name Silver Lief Homes. It has long been our desire to make this vision a reality. We can now focus all of our attention on new homes, while still allowing BDC to focus on residential and commercial remodels. We hope that you will get just as excited about our new vision as we are, once you experience the amazing projects we have coming in the very near future. We have always been known to think outside the box, and to give you an option when you are deciding on a new home builder. We don't do things like everyone else. We strive to make each house a home, uniquely tailored to fit your exact needs and desires. Please enjoy the site, look around, and discover what can only be described as "excellence"!