Design / Build Firm

Many people often ask us what a Design / Build firm is. It is a company that not only can build your home but can also design it. At Silver Lief Homes we not only can help you design your new home, but we prefer to. We have, and will, build from a design that you have acquired elsewhere. However, we thrive on creating the entire process for you, from concept to completion. Many hours are dedicated to helping you discover exactly what you want. Just like in constructing a building, a solid foundation and starting point are the keys to success. When we have discovered exactly what you want and need, we will draw your plans here in our offices. The wonderful thing about constructing our own plans is that if in the design process we discover something that we dont like or want to move, it is a simple click of the mouse, and its done. This helps to streamline the process greatly. From that point we will help you decide on a lot, and begin construction. During the construction phase we encourage you to ask questions and to voice your opinions; this helps us and you to receive the exact house of your dreams. To take it a step further we have great relations with amazing interior decorators that can assist you in completing your vision.