Energy Efficient

In 2009, Brandon Dumas achieved national recognition as Amarillo’s first Certified Green Builder from the National Association of Home Builders. In the process of discovering what it takes to make a home “Green” we learned that more than just better for the environment, it actually puts money back into your pocket. That’s the part of the “Green Movement” that is very exciting. We use as many energy saving techniques as we can afford in a given budget, to allow you the best possible savings on a month to month basis. Although energy efficient homes can add an additional cost to the overall budget of a home, we have pinpointed the best places to spend money to see the greatest return. For all of us at Silver Lief Homes, our number one goal is to make sure you are making wise decisions all along the way. However, it is not necessary to use these techniques in all builds; it is another tool we have to offer you, our clients!