In 1990, Brandon Dumas entered the US Navy as an Avionics Mechanic. After spending several months assigned to the Navys builder fleet known as the Sea-bees, he decided that he had discovered what his calling was in life. It was constructing buildings. Soon after his honorable discharge in 1993 he joined the See-Bees full time as a builder in the US Naval Reserve, where he served for an additional 7 years. When he wasnt serving our country in the reserves, he was busy building a construction company of his own. Brandon Dumas Construction was established in 1996, and at the age of 24, Brandon started building houses. With a huge desire to create homes for people, and the knowledge he had acquired in the military, he jumped in with both feet. Soon BDC became known as the builder that had integrity, a company that was dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards both on the projects and in the market place. With his unique eye for design the company started to take off. In the 15 years, from the beginning till today, he has continued to educate himself and learn what it takes to push his company to the next level. In 2002, Brandon returned to school to major in design where he honed his eye even more. In 2008, he was the second person in Amarillo to be nationally recognized as a Certified Graduate Builder from the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). In 2009, Brandon was the first person in Amarillo to be nationally recognized as a Certified Green Professional from the NAHB. In 2010, he constructed the first certified Gold Level green home in the area and it was registered #997 in the entire nation. Brandon has a vast knowledge of the residential building sciences and continues to learn and discover the latest technologies and trends in the industry. So as you can see, when you are choosing a builder for your new home, Brandon Dumas with Silver Lief Homes, is the smartest choice for you!